Remote Monitoring

The internet has changed the way everyone does business. In the refrigerated container field, it has not only changed the way commercial transactions are handled, this technology has also had a profound effect on the facilities we can offer with our containers.

Just conceivably, pre-internet, it would have been possible to install a device in a container which monitored its temperature and logged cialis profession for sale online. this information. But where could this information have been sent? And by what means?

Today, the temperature of Spacewise refrigerated containers can be monitored at all times, and this telemetry information is transmitted by GPRS ai??i?? the mobile internet network – to our central data-base platform. Customers can then be advised of any problems, via the internet of course, and can also log in just paxil cost without insurance. to see that everything is OK, to effectively put their minds at rest.

Every Spacewise container comes with a number of features as standard. Secure, ai???butcher-typeai??i?? doors, high quality refrigeration units dynamically controlled by thermostat, man-trap alarms, and so on. The reliability of our containers and their refrigeration systems is second to none, and so it is very rarely necessary to provide remote monitoring as well. Hence, remote monitoring is an optional extra ai??i?? but it is offered with every container which we hire proscar online no prescription. out.

With highly perishable food products, such as seafood, where the consequences of any break or lapse in the ai???cold chainai??i??, i.e. the maintenance of the correct temperatures during transport and storage, can be disastrous ai??i??food poisoning, and consequent legal ramifications ai??i??remote monitoring is near essential. It provides a guarantee that nothing has gone wrong in transit which is not known about, and that, therefore, can men use womans cialis, brand cialis viagra trial pack. these problems should not arise.

Cut flowers, for instance, are nowhere near so critical in terms of perishability. However, a complete log of how long lady-era pills such goods have been in transit/temporary storage, and at what temperatures, gives a very good indication of how long they will last once sold, and thus, how long they can, reasonably, be kept in stock.

Technology for technologyai??i??s sake is never a good idea, of course. However, Spacewise are always looking for ways to better serve our customers, and to help them solve the business problems which they face. Sometimes, a new technology can solve a problem which has been the bug-bear of a number of industry sectors for many years. Remote monitoring, via the internet, clomid without prescription in usa is one such new technology, we believe.

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