Spacewise Delivery & Vehicle Information

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One of the most important aspects of container hire at Spacewise is the delivery process. To make this process as easy as possible for both the client and ourselves we will work with the client to gather together as much information possible concerning the site and access for the onsite delivery of the container being ordered.

To help assist us prior to ordering one of our cold storage containers from Spacewise please find below some helpful tips and facts regarding the delivery process.

Considering onsite access the surroundings need to be evaluated prior to delivery. Is the access road to the site suitable for the size of the delivery truck required to deliver your container? Are their any there any low hanging cables which could be an issue? Any low hanging trees?

Onsite access is key when you are ordering a container to be delivered. At Spacewise we have two specific delivery trucks which we use for delivery of all of our containers. Our 33ft truck is used when delivering containers up to 20ft and our 60ft truck is used for our larger 40ft container units. Once the lorry has accessed the site there needs to be enough space to the side of the delivery vehicle (approx 25ft either side) for the safe unloading of the container. This is to enable the truck support legs to be put into place and for the extendable unloading arm to offload and position the container safely.

The ground on which the container is to be placed is of importance too. Is the ground suitable to take the weight of the container being delivered? Is the ground suitable for the trucks which we use for delivery? Once positioned is the surrounding ground suitable for accessing the container? For the purpose of opening the doors and access a 20ft container would require an operating length of 30ft, a 40ft container would require 50ft of space. If the client plans on using pallet trucks to load and unload the container is the ground suitable for this heavy machinery?

All of the above considerations are a guide to our clients prior to placing an order with Spacewise. If you have any queries then please get in contact, All of our Spacewise staff are professionally trained and will be able to assist with any queries which you may have in regards to hiring one of our spacewise containers as well as offering advice as to the best container which may be suitable for you.

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